So, I’m sorry. >.>

But…good news! I am 6 weeks away from being done with my MA, which means I will be job hunting, which means I will not be stressing out trying to learn a subject that I am inherently mediocre at. (Economics requirement for a International Relations MA….ugh.) Which means I will have actual free time!

As for why I disappeared. Well, I am inherently bad at focusing. A more recent sort of thing to be honest. I dunno if it’s adult ADD or something like it, basically I have a hard time focusing on one thing in particular and I move towards something else, with no room to do two things at once. It’s hard to explain, basically, I just really didn’t want to, and when I tried I just…couldn’t? Add to that my lovely agoraphobia (which actually makes it hard for me to talk to anonymous people on the internet, it’s absolutely ridiculous. I am more social in real life than on the webz…orz), and I just up and disappeared.

Since that isn’t fair to those I’ve dragged into the series, I will work on this without a schedule at a pace I can maintain.

The last issue is the looming reality that the author may/may not finish this series. At first sensei was vehemently denying that they had given up the story, but now Aoi-sensei does not respond to these comments. The only hope I have left is that Aoi-sensei seems to be occasionally editing old chapters, which was promised about a year ago. If I don’t hear any good news about MaTen’s continuation, then I will probably be hesitant to translate (despite my bravado that I would finish it myself). Adding to this is that the story went a direction I am not especially fond of. Suddenly throwing a constant stream of characters at me, combined with the never-ending blocks of explanation paragraphs, often filled with typos (I hope the editing handled those), was exhausting, and not fun. And I prefer fun.

That’s why, I will try to put out chapters here and there. And in order to work on my translating and internet social skills I think I’m going to reach out to other translating groups and collaborate with them to do chapters here and there on series that I like that are either slow to release or indefinitely stalled (Master of Monsters, for example….).

Anyways, sorry for awkwardly ignoring this blog, I know that I have let a lot of people down and I’m sorry for that. I am branching out to rekindle my desire to translate again. As many warned me, doing it alone definitely burned me out. -_-;


Chapter 13!

I’m only like 2 weeks later than I promised.

My life exploded. I have so much stuff to do the next two weeks. That’s why I may not release until at least next Friday. Yay, finals~


Anywho, this didn’t really get us out of cliff-hanger central, but I’m sure you’ll live.

Majin Tenseiki Chapter 13: An Angel’s Pride


Majin Tenseiki Chapter 12~

Well…my professor couldn’t make it to class and my midterm got postponed. And, since I was getting into it, I pumped this out pretty quickly.

Unfortunately, this chapter is more of a cliff-hanger than the last one.

I can’t start working on the next chapter right away, but I finished my homework in advance so I’ll attempt to get it done this weekend.

I’m getting back in the groove.

I did glance at chapter 13, and there’s finally some action.

This chapter should be called “Alice’s Monologue,” but at least it was interesting and informative.

Majin Tenseiki Chapter 12: The Bearer of Truth [2/2]


Majin Tenseiki Chapter 11!


So this is a two-parter. I’ll try to pump out chapter 12 as quick as I can so you don’t have to wait.

I haven’t even read ahead so I dunno what’s gonna happen either~

It makes it kinda fun.

Majin Tenseiki Chapter 11: The Bearer of Truth [1/2]

I might change the title btw, since I haven’t read the second part yet I don’t know how to translate it accurately. “Bearer” should actually be narrator/storyteller, but that felt awkward, so… Aoi-sensei tends to reveal title meanings as you read. Part one, this chapter, had the kanji for “truth” in it a lot, but I’m not sure if Ekkehardt and Shayna are the “bearers” or if that particular word will be explained in the second half…whatevs, I’ll figure it out later.


P.S. Ensign, you were right!

Edit: P.P.S. I just glanced at the next chapter for a bit before heading to bed, and there’s some interesting stuff here so I’m pretty inspired, I have a midterm tomorrow, but I’m gonna promise to have Chapter 12 out by no later than Saturday~

Also, I find it hilarious that Sare still hasn’t left Irudoe yet. It feels a bit surreal. I would really like some chapters with less constant character introductions and more adventuring and Sare using his powers. For real.

I haven’t abandoned this blog!

I’ve been very ill recently. I can’t do much besides stay medicated and sleep. I tried to translate some stuff in this state and it was extremely difficult and very slow going. I think my meds lower my mental capabilities by a large margin. I am slowly getting better and will be resuming translations as soon as possible. 
Believe it!

Majin Tenseiki Chapter 09~

Sorry for the delay.

I had two seminar papers.


And they weren’t similar enough in region that I could combine research. Despite my efforts I was dying the past few weeks.

I struggled to release this today (it’s still Friday somewhere, right?). 

I’m going to rearrange the blog a bit in the near future and add a page for some of the terms and their definitions/origins. This WN is very information heavy, and as a lover of well-made fantasy worlds I don’t dislike it.

Also, the title of this chapter is mean. Also, I thought this WN was fairly serious, but I totally had to translate a tsukkomi event. It was interesting.

I think Alice is going to be an Oracle. That’d be cool. Welp, enjoy the chapter~

Majin Tenseiki Chapter 09: The Sheer Cliff’s War Proposal